Bioharmonic tuning, alignment, and activation.



• Optimize Your Human Potential
• Reduce Stress & Increase Relaxation
• Release Shock & Trauma
• Boost Your Immune System
• Physical & Emotional Recovery


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Sessions are conducted in a two-hour time frame, with clients seated around a powerful amplifier that emits meditation sounds radially outward. Participants are arranged in a circle, and the amp plays a sequence of sounds including White, Gray, Deep Brown, and 40 Hz. After a 20-minute warm-up period, two individuals are taken to the VIBE bed to experience the more potent VIBE sound that permeates their bodies, infusing their water with healing geometric structure and efficiency. Geometry, as a reminder, is synonymous with efficiency. This process restructures the body’s stressed and fragmented water system, imbuing it with the vibrancy and curative properties of geometric structure and efficiency. Following the 20-minute VIBE bed session, two clients at a time are taken for a half-hour healing session on the bed, experiencing heightened geometric restructuring. The cycle continues with two more individuals until the session concludes. The warm-up stage is referred to as “pre-VIBE BED,” while the post-VIBE BED portion is designated as the “warm-down.” That constitutes a session.


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