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The purpose of meditation is to declutter your mind and reduce stress. Additionally, it’s meant to enable free and lucid thinking with the aim of greater creativity, organization, better health, healing, and longevity. At Sound Minds Meditation, we use various modalities to accomplish these goals:

  1. Sound
  2. Crystals
  3. Bioharmonic Vibration Beds which incorporate both 1 and 2 above.

Computers are essentially simplified versions of the human mind. They require defragmentation from time to time because the drives become cluttered and fragmented. The same concept applies to human beings. Our water system and blood system are integrated within our bodies. They carry information through the hardware matrix of minerals that make up our structure.

Just like computers, we require defragmentation – restructuring our water system. This involves realigning our system of water with sound frequencies and vibrations. When you introduce, of course, sound into the body, it infuses geometric structure back into your body’s water system. It realigns bodily fluids and helps combat stress. Crystals serve to magnify the effects by creating grounding similar to electronic circuitry. The overall result is less stress, a clearer mind, better thinking, and improved health because the body is operating with greater geometric efficiency through regular sound/crystal healing therapy.

Personalized Meditation Programs: Restoring Balance and Harmony

Sound Minds Meditation works with clients on a personal consultation basis. First, we want to know what you are looking to achieve. Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll make an assessment from your feedback to deliver the best value. It’ll either consist of what we call the “check-up” intro program or Bioharmonic Bed therapy for more full-spectrum healing needs. Finally, we might prescribe Royal Rife technology for deeper acute issues. If you’re just learning and desire an introduction to the most common, yet highly effective, general meditation experience as outlined in our description, using sound and crystals, that’s called “the check-up.” It’s kind of like going to the doctor. In the “check-up,” you’re prescribed meditational 3rd eye chakra alignment through sound frequencies and crystals. This is a kind of human defragmentation experience intended to refresh you, clear your mind, and restore more harmony and balance to your experience.

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